Nicole Miller - Author photo with writing catNicole Miller has published both fiction and non-fiction in the US and the UK.  She has appeared twice in The May Anthology of Short Stories, edited by Jill Paton Walsh and Sebastian Faulks.  After completing an M.Phil in English Literature at Lincoln College, Oxford, she worked at The New Yorker and The Oxford English Dictionary, where she continues to serve as a scholarly reader for the department of etymology. She held the Emerson Graduate Fellowship in Creative Writing at Emerson, gaining her MFA in 2012.  In 2012, she was also awarded a PhD in Victorian Literature from University College, London. She currently edits faculty manuscripts for Harvard’s English Department and teaches creative writing at Grub Street in Boston.  In 2014 she is an emerging writer-in-residence at the University of Kingston, in Kingston-upon-Thames, England, and will give classes on the novel at Politics & Prose, in Washington, D.C. Her interests span the novel, short story, essay, memoir and the translation of Modern Greek poetry.

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